We had a good weekend at Lake Side RV Resort and Marina

As mentioned in my previous blog, we took a weekend trip to Lake Livingston and camped at Lake Side RV Resort and Marina. This campground is only about an hour and a half drive north of were we live. Therefore, it is a nice place to go for a weekend camping trip. We like to take several short weekend camping trips during the year since most of our friends and family don’t have RVs but they enjoy coming out to visit with us when we are camping close by. Lake Side RV Resort and Marina is a prefect place for that.

Lake Side is a new campground and has only been open for about a year and a half. When we first heard of the campground, they only had one section open along with the restaurant and marina. In the past year and a half they have managed to open two of the other sections. Business seems to be a little slow for them although I’m not sure why. They are located on HWY 190 which is a busy highway that runs between Huntsville, TX and Livingston, TX. There is a lot of traffic on the highway so they have plenty of visibility from people driving by. There is another campground about 3 or 4 miles to the east in the same town of Onalaska, TX and it also has lake front property. That campground, North Shore RV Resort and Marina, isn’t as big as Lake Side but has been around for a fairly long time and is a well kept RV Park. Perhaps there isn’t currently enough business for two RV parks in the same area. As I said, we liked Lake Side and will go back again as long as they keep the campground in good condition.

We arrived at Lake Side on Thursday afternoon and stayed until the following Monday. When we got up Friday morning it was raining but not too hard and did not last very long. The original forecast was calling for severe weather but it all moved to the north of us. However, we ended up with two days of very strong winds but with a lot of sunshine. The wind was relentless and played havoic with our fishing.

On Saturday, some of our friends came out for the day. None of them have RVs but as I said, they like to come out and be with us when we are camping close to home. Someday we hope that they will buy RVs and go camping with us.

On Sunday, our two daughters came out to the lake and brought 9 of our grandchildren plus our oldest granddaughter’s boy friend. Fortunately the weather, other than the wind, was good so the children were able to stay outside and fish or run around. The campground has a fairly nice swimming pool, so some of the kids went swimming. Our grandchildren love coming out to the camper and always have a great time.

When we got up Monday morning, the wind was perfectly calm and the temperature was cool. We hated the idea of leaving but we had appointments to make the next day. Our grandson who lives with us thought that he would go down and fish a little while my wife and I got things ready to go. He hadn’t been fishing but a few minutes when he informed me that this was the day to be fishing. I checked with the office and they gave us a late checkout time of 4 pm. I went down to the dock and fished with my grandson until the fish quit biting around noon. He has a true passion for fishing so he always catches more fish than I do. He is just like his great grandfather who could catch fish when no one else could. His great grandfather always spit on the bait before he cast the line out.  I thought that was silly but it’s hard to argue with success!

If you ever find yourself up around the north end of Lake Livingston, checkout Lake Side RV Resort and Marina.  Hopefully they will have more of their amenities completed before much longer.

Group at Lake Side RV Resort and Marina

Grandkids at Lake Side RV Resort and Marina

Eric's party

Fish at Campground



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