We made it to Medina even with the added weight of the Weber Grill.

In my last post I discussed the issue of adding more items to the camper which in turn adds to increased weight. Constantly adding weight can eventually result in a overweight condition which can overstress the camper and result in a greater fuel burn. I was a pilot and know about these things. So when I talk to the wife about these issues, her solution is for me to loose weight to compensate for her added items. I told her I’d have to think about that!

We made it safely to The Farm Country RV Park with the new Weber Grill. I’ll have to admit that it turned out to be a good purchase. We have used it twice now and I like it. For all these past years of camping, I have been using a charcoal grill. In order to use it, which I do like to use, I’d have to plan ahead to make sure that I had the charcoal and the lighter fluid. Then I’d have to plan when to start the coals in order to have it ready when the wife had the meat ready to put on the grill. With the Weber Grill, I’ll just have to remember to have propane available and that can be a challenge within itself.

Well, yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day! Last year the campground had a nice celebration to honor good ole St. Patrick, but this year, since St. Patrick’s Day coincided with Wednesday steak night at the 11th Street Cowboy Bar in Bandera, Texas, we had the celebration there. We had a nice turnout from the campground with about 23 folks attending the festivities. The food was good, the beer was cold (also the soft drinks), good friends and a live band playing music for our dancing pleasure. Life is good in the Texas Hill Country!

Dance at 11th Street

St Patrick's Day at 11th Street Cowboy Bar


Dance at 11th Street Cowboy Bar

My buddy Leary doing his version of "River Dance"


Couple of couples dancing

Some serious dancing going on.



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