Week dollar & gas prices

Well I got up this morning and heard that the dollar is continuing its fall against the Euro and other currencies and the price of oil is continuing to rise.  You ask, “what does that have to do with camping”?  Well, if you wanted to park the camper for a few weeks and take a trip to Europe it will cost an arm and a leg.  The good old greenback is only worth about half of a Euro.  That’s great for those who come to the United States but not good for us.

The price of oil is up over $102.00 per barrel!  Not good for those of us who like to travel around the country in a camper.  I’m paying $3.42 per gallon for diesel here in Texas.  That’s as much as I had to pay last year in Creede, Colorado.  I wonder what it will be this summer?  Why is the price of diesel 20 cents more than premium?  When I first bought a diesel the price was less than regular grade gas. 

If the price of oil continues to rise, we may drive our camper to just one nice location and spend most of the summer there.  A place like Estes Park, Colorado or Crede, Colorado would be nice for the summer.  It would get us out of the Texas heat.  Check out for a recommendation on Estes Park,  Colorado.

If you are a camper, do you plan on curtailing your travels this coming summer because of rising fuel prices? 


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