What did I do today related to camping?

The thing about a blog is that the author, that would be me, can write about anything that comes to mind even if it seems nonsense and a little silly. This blog falls into the category of being a little silly but that’s okay. This might actually be of some value.

When we had our Everest 5th wheel, I stored my water hoses loose in the storage area. There was an area where I would put the hoses without having them in a container. In this new camper, the storage area is bigger than the previous one. Most of the increased room comes from the fact that the storage compartment is taller due to a drop frame arrangement. I wasn’t very well organized with the last trailer but decided to change that this time around and put a lot of things in those clear plastic storage containers. That way I could stack them and see through the container so that I could more easily locate what I’m looking for. I have three water hoses. One is for the drinking water, one is for the sewer solution and one is used to provide water to the black water flush system. When I remove the hoses from the trailer, I hook the ends of each hose together to keep debris out and then place the hoses in a clear plastic container.

Having the hoses in a clear container was a good idea but since the containers are somewhat air tight a problem developed. When the hoses are put into the container and they are wet, mildew develops on the outside of the hoses. After a couple of trips, the hoses were looking pretty bad on the outside. Since I connect the ends of the hoses together, there was no mildew inside the hoses. They just looked really bad on the outside.

So what I did today was to go to the camper and get the water hoses and container. I brought them to the house so that I could clean them and see if I could ventilate the containers in order to provide some air flow which should prevent the mildew build up.

I used a mixture of water and Clorox in a 1:1 ratio. I put a wash cloth in the mixture and wiped each hose several times and they came sparkling clean. They looked brand new! I also cleaned the plastic container with the same mixture.

Before I put the hoses back into the container, I took out my drill and put a number of 1/4 inch holes in the top and side of the container. This should provide ventilation and I hope prevent the mildew build up on the hoses.

Did I need to clean the hoses? Probably not, but they sure look better. If the fresh water hose is nice and clean, I feel like the water is cleaner as it goes through the hose. Besides that, I need my stuff to look good in the campground.

Hoses before cleaning.
Dirty Camping Water Hose

Hoses after cleaning.
Clean Camping Water Hoses



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