What do I have in common with my camper?

We both gain a little weight with age. I gain weight because I eat a little more than I should and exercise less than I should to counteract the eating problem. My camper gains weight because my wife can’t stop buying more stuff to put in the camper. When we had our other camper, it seemed like every month she was finding some other small item that she felt needed to be in the camper. I was always afraid to go into a camping store for fear that she would come out with something that we really didn’t need, “but oh well”, I guess we did need it.

After the previous camper was stolen and we bought this new camper, my wife told me that she probably wouldn’t buy as much stuff for this camper as she had for the other camper. I have to admit that we didn’t buy as many replacement items, but I think that was my wife’s way of leaving room to buy on an on going basis. She still comes home now and then with a new item for the camper. What I try to impress upon her is that there is a limit as to the amount of weight that we can put into the camper. Just a few days ago she convinced me that we needed one of those Weber Gas Grills to carry on our trips.  We already have an Old Smokey that I like, but she wanted this gas grill.  Again, I try to stress the weight issue.  As we were loading the camper to come back to The Farm Country RV Park, I asked the wife to pick up the Weber Gas Grill and feel how much it weighed.  She wanted to know why I asked her to do that.  So I told her, “this is the weight of the clothes you will have to leave behind in order to accommodate the weight of the grill”.  Well that didn’t work!  She loaded her clothes while I wasn’t looking.

Weight is a issue that anyone pulling a camper needs to consider.  There are manufacturer weight limits that deal with the camper and also with the tow vehicle.  These weight limits are for safety and should not be violated.  Everyone should know their limits and adhere to them.

Old Smokey Grill

Old Smokey worked just fine

Weber Gas Grill

I guess this will work just as well



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