What do you do when you go camping?

This morning by wife and I were watching the weather report, we spend a lot of quality time together, and noticed again that rain was falling in the Texas Hill Country. They have received a lot of rain out that way this year which will make for some really good tubing on the Frio River in the Concan, Texas area. For the last 8 to 10 years we have been going out to Concan and spending a least a week on the Frio River. We have stayed in cabins at Neal’s Lodges in Concan, at a relative’s house and for the last 6 or so years stayed in our 5th wheel camper at Parkview Riverside RV Park. This will be the first summer in a long string of summers that we will not be at the Frio River and the tubing is going to be good.

Our main reason for going to the Frio was for relaxing by the beautiful crystal clear river, enjoying the Texas Hill Country scenery and the tubing when the river was up. So if we aren’t going to be enjoying the Frio River this year, what else do we do when we go camping.

It would be fair to say at this point that we are not fulltime campers and so most of what I have to say is for folks who camp on weekends or take extended trips during various times of the year.

My wife and I like to go camping at what you might call destinations and not just in the wilderness. We don’t boondock and probably never will. We confine our camping to campgrounds with full hookups in areas where there are things to see and do. When our kids were growing up we did not camp at all. However, now that we have grandchildren we camp with them and their parents. There were a couple of years when we had three families utilizing our 36 foot 5th wheel. That doesn’t happen any more for two reasons. The first reason is that there are too many of us know, and the second reason is that they are getting bigger and take up a lot of space. We are also traveling with a border collie and an 18 year old cat.

Since we take our grandchildren with us some of the time, we take them places where they will have activities that they enjoy.  The kids like to be outside but like most kids they are not big on sightseeing, or looking at fall leaves or gawking at some beautiful magnificent mountain scenery.  Now, if they see a grizzly bear, a big bull elk or Old Faithful erupting then that’s cool.  If we take them to a place where there is horseback riding, miniature golf, go carts, swimming pools and the like, then we are golden.  Even if we are in one of these areas where there are entertainment venues, they still love to be in and around the camper.  We always try to have a campfire at some point so they can roast marshmallows and make smores.  After all, it’s the outdoor adventure that makes camping what camping is.

Hiking is one of the activities that my wife and I enjoy doing.  We spend a lot of time during the summer in the west.  There is no shortage of hiking in the mountains of Colorado.  We stay for several weeks out of the year in Estes Park at the front door to Rocky Mountain National Park.  At one time I knew how many miles of hiking trails there are in the park. However, since I don’t remember, I would have to look it up and it’s too late at night for that. Suffice it to say, there are miles and miles of trails.  When you hike you not only see some nice scenery that you would not otherwise see, but it is really good for you.  There are hiking trails for any degree of difficulty that you want.  They have meadow hikes for those who just want to get out in the open and not worry about going up a hill in search of a heart attack.

Taking a trip in an RV is a great way to see the country at a much lower expense than staying in hotels.  You can spend a month on the road for what you would spend on a week in motels and not have as much fun.  So what do you do when you go camping?  Leave a comment and let me know.


Bradley and Grant

Grandchildren Bradley & Grant in front of Old Faithful

Miniature Golf

Miniature Golf in Estes Park Colorado


Jane and Bradley & Grant on a hike

Jane Bradley & Grant on a hike


Bradley & Grant on gocarts

Bradley and Grant waiting to start a race


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