What is Glamping?

Maybe you know what Glamping is, and I do now, but as of a few days ago I can’t say that I knew what Glamping is. I had heard the term used on several occasions but didn’t bother to ask exactly what the word referred to. It wasn’t until I came across an article entitled “The Rise of Glamping” that I decided to look into Glamping.

As it turns out, the word Glamping is a portmanteau of the words Glamour and Camping. Therefore, it refers to camping without the lack of the comforts of home, such as indoor plumbing and good food that doesn’t have to be cooked over an open fire. So when I go camping in my 39 foot luxury 5th wheel, I am Glamping. I didn’t know that but now I do.

All of my friends have told me that I don’t camp, I take a small apartment and put it in a campground. After all, we have a king size bed, indoor plumbing, air conditioning, central heat, residential refrigerator, microwave, gas cook top and oven, three TVs with surround sound, dish washer, and many other features. But that is just mine. You know that there are many more driving RVs with many more luxury features. What we have in common is that we are Glamping or camping in luxury. We are in the great outdoors without having to give up the nice things of our home.

So what I found is that the Glamping industry is more than having your own RV that you go camping in. There are campgrounds that are being developed to provide the outdoor experience without someone having to have their own RV. Some campgrounds provide luxury tents with all of the amenities of home. Others are a combination of tents, RV rentals, cabins, yurts and the like.

This Glamping experience is spreading across the US, Canada and Europe. There is a website called the Glamping Hub that list all of the places where you can go Glamping. It is interesting to see these places. Prices per night run from less than $100.00 to well over a hundred dollars per night. As they say, it is the location that largely determines the price.

So Glamping is another way of going camping. However, if you look at some of the places that are listed as Glamping destinations, they look more like just cabins in the woods. But I suppose the main idea is to get away form the traditional vacation lodge and get closer to nature. It is much more relaxing.

The pictures below represent a few of the Glamping facilities.

Safari Tent

Glamping safari tent

Glamping Barn

Glamping Barn

Bell Tent

Bell Tent

Airstream rental

Airstream glamping rental


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