When it rains it pours!

This past Thursday we planned a trip out to Medina to pick up our ATVs that we leave there over the winter months. When we bring the camper home at the end of the season, we have to leave the ATVs until we can make an additional trip to retrieve them. We were going to incorporate some wildflower viewing along with the trip to get the ATVs. After all this is the time of the year that the Blue Bonnets and other wildflowers are in their glory. A side trip to Fredericksburg and the Wildseed Farm would be in order. We booked a room in Fredericksburg for the evening so that we could take our time and not be in a rush.

We checked the weather a few days before departure. There was rain forecast for the area we would be in but I guess it just didn’t register that it could put a damper on the wildflower viewing. Thursday morning came so we packed up and headed west.

Our trip was planned to take us out HWY 290 through Brenham, Texas which is a popular area for the Texas Bluebonnets. We would stay on HWY 290 out through Austin, Dripping Springs, Johnson City and into Fredericksburg. We were disappointed in the lack of Bluebonnets going through Brenham. I guess if we had gotten off on some of the side roads we might have seen more flowers but we really wanted to get to the Wildseed Farm before it closed that afternoon.

By the time we got to Austin, Texas the rain was coming down in buckets. Had it not been for the fact that we couldn’t get a refund on the room, we might have turned around and tried the next week. We pressed on hoping that the rain would let up the farther west we went. Well no such luck! We pulled into the Wildseed Farm just east of Fredericksburg and it was still pouring. It rained the rest of the afternoon and all night long. When we got up, it was still raining. We were going to go north of Fredericksburg to the Willow Loop where there is supposed to be the best display of Bluebonnets in the state of Texas. Instead we packed up and headed to Medina to retrieve the ATVs. Some of our friends at The Farm Country RV Park had invited us for lunch which turned out to be the best part of the trip. I always like lunch much more when someone else is buying.

Medina River

Medina River overflowing banks

With the ATVs in tow, we headed back home. The road that we take from Medina takes us into Bandera and across the Medina River. The results of the heavy rain were very apparent as the normally placid Medina River was roaring over it’s banks as was the Guadalupe River in Kerriville, Texas. The Pioneer RV Park on the banks of the Medina River had to be mostly evacuated as you can see in the following pictures.

In the Texas Hill Country, the old saying “When it rains it pours” is pretty much true in the literal since. They have had a severe drought over the last several years causing lakes and rivers to just about dry up. Now they are getting their much needed rain in a hurry.

The wildflowers coming down Interstate 10 were much more spectacular than over on HWY 290. Go figure!

Medina River

A picture of river


Texas Bluebonnets

Some Bluebonnets




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