Yesterday was lunch at Camp Verde

We have another foggy start to the day here at The Farm Country RV Park. This fog was supposed to lift in the late morning but here it is almost noon and it isn’t any better than when I first got up. There must be some strange atmospheric anomaly going on  because we know that the weather men/women are never wrong?  Maybe it is actually clear and I just don’t know it.  I hear that strange things happen to you as you age.

Camp Verde Picture

Camp Verde General Store

While we are here at The Farm Country RV Park, we always try to make it to lunch at Camp Verde at least once so yesterday was our day to go to lunch at Camp Verde.  Evidently it was also a day for lunch at Camp Verde for other folks here from the campground.  We met a group of five women from the park and two other couples from the park while we were there.

Camp Verde is popular with the lunch crowd around here.  They only serve lunch but they do a good job of it with their soups and sandwiches.  The general store is mostly a gift shop but they also sell a number of homemade salsa, jellies and snack spreads.  They always have a table with samples of their jellies and salsa so you can see how they taste.  Yesterday they had a small crock pot with some really nice tasting sausage balls in a great sauce.  My first thought was that I could stand there and eat enough off of the sample table and call it lunch.  That’s kinda like going to Sam’s Club at noon and going through all of the samples that they have out.  If you make several trips while you are there, you can fill up.  Since my wife didn’t want to be embarrassed, I went in and sat down for lunch.

There’s a herd of buffalo accross the road from Camp Verde.  We stopped by and invited them for lunch but they declined.  I think they were afraid they might be lunch.   Maybe next time!

Picture of buffalo

Buffalo accross from Camp Verde General Store



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