Yesterday was trash day.

Yesterday was my day to make some trash. This is the kind of trash that you don’t dump but rather you eat it. We usually refer to this mixture as trash, but I have heard it called Texas Trash or Party Mix. Texas TrashI had never heard of Texas Trash until I married my wife. Her father had a friend who made it every Christmas and would give it away as gifts. When my father-in-law’s friend passed away, my wife insisted that it would now be my responsibilty to make the trash. Well as luck would have it, all you need to do is to pick up a box of Rice Chex or Wheat Chex and there on the side panel of the box is the basic recipe for making what they call a Party Mix. When I first started making the trash, I just used the basic recipe provided by the cereal maker. It just didn’t measure up to what our friend made. His had a flavor and taste that was to die for. It is like eating popcorn. When you start, it is hard to stop.

The friend was dead and my father-in-law didn’t know how the friend made the trash. His had the basic ingredients but the secret was in the spices that he put in the mixture. I tried varying things for several years and feel like I have come pretty close to the taste that he had. Everyone who eats my trash likes it. We can’t keep it around very long. I have placed the recipe that I use for my trash on the website. Check out the recipe for Party Mix.

Yesterday we had some friends over for tamales and chili. That’s something else that I had never heard of having during Christmas season until I met my wife. They have a family tradition of having tamales and chili on Christmas Eve every year. Pot of chiliMy wife’s parents are gone but we maintain the tradition and hope that our children will do the same, but I doubt it. Once we are gone, the tradition will probably stop in this family. I buy the tamales from a Mexican lady who makes the tamales by hand and they are the best that I have ever eaten. I make the chili that goes with the tamales.

My wife was looking for a desert to have after the dinner with our friends. Since I was making trash and had to make chili to go with the tamales, I decided I would make my famous pecan pie. Pecan PieI really make a good pecan pie! It comes from an old family recipe. Yeah, right! It comes from the side panel of the Kayro Syrup bottle. I guess I can call it old since I used a bottle of Kayro Syrup that was a year old. Oh well, the secret to making a really good pecan pie is the same as making a good batch of trash. You put your heart and soul into your effort. Give it some tender loving care and it’ll come out really good every time. Yesterday the trash and pie was gone in a flash. The chili and tamales are alwasys a big hit.



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