If your pet has halitosis or bad breath, he may have dental disease. Many of our patients presented to the clinic have excessive tartar or plaque on their teeth. This leads to infection under the gums or gingivitis. Many studies have been done which show the infection present in the mouth is the same bacteria which travels through the blood stream and localizes in the organs such as the heart valves, kidneys or liver. The bacteria then will damage these organs and potentially shorten their life.

This damage can be prevented by having your pet receive regular dental check ups and ultrasonic cleaning of the teeth. By preventing gingivitis, not only will your pet potentially live longer but also prevent the teeth from becoming painful and infected. Light anesthesia is usually administered to allow cleaning out the tartar and plaque under the gum line. Not only will your pet potentially live longer, he will also have better breath and be more socially acceptable.

Article from Village Animal Clinic

Bad Breath May Indicate a Shorter Life

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