If you are noticing your pet having an odor from the ears, this may be indicative of a painful ear condition. Dogs have very long ear canals that are three times longer than the human's ear. Also, many dogs have pendulous ear flaps which in addition to the long ear canals, trap moisture and wax into the ear canals. These conditions set up a favorable environment for yeast and bacteria to grow in the ear canal and develop into a painful ear infection.

You may also notice your pet shaking his head and scratching his ears which indicates the ears are becoming quite bothersome. Other potential causes of ear infections are ear mites, ear polyps, and allergies. A swab from the ear can be examined microscopically to help determine the exact cause.
Proper treatment of the ear problem will relieve the pain and discomfort for your pet as well as eliminating the nasty odor from the ears.
Article from Village Animal Clinic


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