The main draw for Glen Haven is the Glen Haven General Store and the sweets that are available there.  They make a very good Cherry Cobbler and a great Cinnamon Roll.  These are homemade at the General Store and I just don't think you can find them any better anywhere else. Coffee is available to go with the sweets and only cost 25 cents.  We discovered this place by word of mouth from some campers that we visited with in Estes.  It's just a great place to take an afternoon drive and have coffee and rolls.  We usually eat one there and get one to go.

The Glen Haven General Store has much more to offer other than the sweets, which are my favorites.  They also serve sandwichs, homemade breads and many other items.  The store is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm May through October.

When you leave Glen Haven, you can go back the way you came or you can continue down Devils Gulch Road (County Road 43) which will bring you back to Highway 34 in Drake, Colorado.  From there you take a right and go back to Estes Park.  However, if you came from Drake on County Road 43 you would do the reverse.  Either way you go it is a pretty drive.

Glen Haven

Downtown Glen Haven
Inn of Glen Haven
Glen Haven General Store

Glen Haven, Colorado is a small unincorperated town on Devils Gulch Road not far from Estes Park, Colorado.  The picture at the left pretty much sums up Glen Haven.  There is a general store, bed and breakfast, volunteer fire department and a post office.  There is also one additional gift shop that is adjacent to the general store.

If you are camping in Estes Park, as we do each year at Elk Meadows RV Resort, Glen Haven is a place that you need to go at least once. However, I bet if you go once, you'll go again.  From out of Estes Park you can take MacGregor Ave to the north and then pick up Devils Gulch Road a few miles out of town.  The drive is very senic and will take you down a fairly steep series of switch backs before you get into Glen Haven.  This is not a road to pull your camper on since the road is steep and the switch backs are tight.  If you are coming from Denver or anywhere to the east, you would take Highway 34 to Drake and then turn right on County Road 43 and follow it to Glen Haven.

Cherry Cobbler on top and yummy cinnamon rolls on bottom.  Life is good in Glen Haven.
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This Old Campsite
This Old Campsite
Cherry Cobbler, Blueberry Muffins & Cinnamon Rolls
Inside Glen Haven Gerneral Store