When I first started camping, I was given the usual starter kit that included a 10' section of 3" sewer hose.  I was new at this camper thing and just went with the flow on what I was told about emptying the holding tanks of the camper.  Everything seemed okay after I bought what I needed to fit the hose and dump.  Being new to camping, I didn't know that at some campgrounds I would need more that 10' of hose.  Not long after buying a coupler and additional 10' of hose, the first section that was given to me sprang a leak.  Now I had to buy another section of 10' hose.  Since we camp a lot (not fulltimers) the hooking and unhooking of the sewer hose caused another leak to develop.  This time I was told that I needed a heavy duty hose, so I bought one of those.  It wasn't too long before the heavy duty hose sprung a leak.  I was starting to tire of all the leaks and fittings that I needed.  When I was in buying another hose, the parts guy asked me if I had ever thought of the SewerSolution?  I had never heard of it, so he introduced me to the SewerSolution.

The price of the SewerSolution is much higher than just buying a 10 to 20 foot section of 3" hose,  but what a difference.  The SewerSolution hose will probably last forever and you'll never have to buy another 3" hose.  I found myself replacing those 3" hose sections several times a year.

I have two 10' sections for my SewerSolution but they say you can use up to 3 sections.  I have only been to one campgound where I could have used that extra section.  The hose sections go together by way of a small piece of silver looking metal pipe.  It is really slick how you twist the two hose ends onto this metal piece.  Twist the other way and they come apart.  The elbow that goes into the ground fits the same way.  The elbow has two different sizes of rubber fittings for the two typical sizes of sewer pipes.  The small one fits inside the large one so there is only one elbow.  You take the large one off if the sewer system has the smaller pipe.

This is a great system for doing an otherwise messy job.  Because the fitting that goes onto the dump pipe from the trailer is clear plastic, you can see when the tank is empty.  If you are using a black tank flush system, (and you should) you can see when the water is coming out clean.  Since the system uses high pressure water down the dump hose, it is always clean.  When I use this system, I still follow the best practice for dumping the waste tanks.  Dump the black tank first and then the one or two gray tanks.  This really insures that the hose is clean.

This is the 4th or 5th year that I have owned a SewerSolution.  The only thing that I have had a problem with is the quick connect hose fitting.  It sprung a leak and I had to get a new one.  Other than that I has been a trouble free system and I enjoy using it.

Product Evaluation of SewerSolution
                                  By Brad Fuller
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