Product Evaluation of WSKTS®  
                       knife sharpening tool
                                                 By Brad Fuller

The WSKTS ® is a great knife sharpening tool. I received one as a Christmas present so I have been using it for the last 3 months. It is the best knife sharpening system that I have ever used. It will put a razor sharp edge on almost any knife.

Over the years I have tried several different types of knife sharpening systems, the most notable being the whetstone. My problem, and I'm sure it is the same problem for most people, is that if you are using a whetstone it is very difficult to get a consistent angle on the blade. I never had a great deal of luck with the stone but managed to at least get some sort of edge on a knife. However, I was never able to get that razor sharp edge I'd like to have.

The WSKTS ® uses a small abrasive belt and blade guides to sharpen at the same angle each and every time. The belt does the sharpening and the guide keeps the blade at the proper angle. Several different belts are included and several different blade guides are available for the different types of knives that you might need to sharpen.

The WSKTS ® comes with an adjustable head and a belt for sharpening garden tools and lawn mower blades. It will also sharpen scissors and serrated knife blades.

The WSKTS ® is a hand held unit so it is very easy to carry with you when you travel in your RV. Since we all have knives for the RV, this is a great unit to have with you to keep those knives sharp.

Since I've had my WSKTS ®, I have sharpened all of our knives in the house and in the RV. I have also used it to sharpen several of my outdoor tools. I got an edge on my ax that is as good as the one on my hunting knife. I am very impressed with this tool! Checkout the demo video below.
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