I love the country song, GONE, by Montgomery Gentry with the chorus, “Gone like a freight train. Gone like yesterday. Gone like a soldier in the Civil War, bang bang! Gone like a ‘59 Cadillac, like all the good things, that ain’t never comin’ back.”

There are a number of things we can add to that lyric, like record players, AM radios, standard definition televisions, etc. that are all soon to be GONE. Allow me to be totally corny and add “tears” to the list with this lyric, “Gone like a tear over a lost pet, now with GPS, they are all a comin’ back.”

Yes, tears over lost pets are soon to be a thing of the past. You will never have to go through the heartbreak of looking for your lost loved one, because he won’t ever be lost with Pet GPS. Technology has taken us beyond identification tags and given us a new way to keep our pets safe. Put away the markers, because you will never again have to pitifully post pictures and signs in every neighborhood, painstakingly waiting for some kind soul to find your pet. You will always know where your beloved is with a GPS pet tracking device.

GPS, or Global positioning systems, work by transmitting microwave signals from a device any place on earth, to a satellite that accurately identifies that location, then transmits its coordinates back to a GPS monitor. GPS was first used by the United States Military and was unavailable to the public. It was then used by emergency systems in order to pinpoint the location of a 911 call from a cell phone. As GPS technology advanced, the devices were made smaller and more affordable, and thus became readily available to consumers. The most popular form of GPS technology is the GPS navigational unit. These are portable units attached to your car’s dashboard that map out a driving route so you never get lost. Now you can use the same type of device so your pets never get lost either. With pet GPS, you can quickly and easily find your pet’s exact location if you should ever find him missing.

Pet GPS is a safe, non invasive, easy to use device that requires no complicated installation or surgical implantation. It works with a tiny (about 5oz.) cellular, wireless device that is secured in your pet’s own collar and powered by small batteries. The whole set up is only about three by two inches. There is no digging, no wires, no hassle. You set up a virtual perimeter where you pet is allowed to be. If he wanders out of that predetermined boundary, you are alerted immediately. Using satellite and cellular technology, the device in your pet’s collar transmits information to a satellite, which in turn, locates the precise location of the device (on your pet) and sends the coordinates to you via your home phone, cell phone, fax, PDA, or computer. The choice is yours. The monitor tells you all of the information you need to find your pet and bring him back home safely. The device also allows you to keep a 24-hour watch on your pet so you know where he is at every moment of the day, and there’s more . . .

Some GPS units can be used while hiking, or simply taking your pet for a walk, and can be activated if he should get separated from you. Some pet GPS units also allow you to see a history of where your dog has been. Other GPS units monitor the temperature of the air surrounding your dog, so you know if he is apt to be hot, cold or just right. Still others are hand held and are aimed at hunters to let them know if their dog is running, sitting, standing up against a tree or on-point. These systems can track up to ten dogs at a time, and even let you know the velocity of your dog and the direction he is headed. Most devices come with battery chargers and alert you if the device has been turned off, or if the batteries are getting low. Finally, some systems come complete with strobe lights that flash on your pet’s collar when in “lost mode,” or 24-hour service technicians who monitor your pet and will stay on the line with you until he is back in your arms.

This technology is truly amazing, and is perfectly suited to those members of your family who can’t call home if they get lost. Don’t take the risk. Even if your pet has never wandered off before, things can happen. Leashes can break, gates can be left open, squirrels and rabbits can be tempting, and thieves can target your pet. Give yourself the piece of mind knowing that your pet is protected with Pet GPS. Let’s make sure the tears over lost pets are GONE for good.

Kelly McCardy-Fuller is a freelance writer/editor residing in Westminster, Maryland with her husband and two children. She obtained a degree in Journalism, Summa Cum Laude, from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. After that, she traveled extensively, working on United States Naval Bases as a Hotel Manager, all the while working on her freelance writing career. Settling down to raise a family, Kelly has been editing and ghostwriting for a Neuropsychologist at Behavioral, Medicine & Health Psychology in Ventura, CA for the past eight years. She has had articles published on various websites, in newspapers, magazines, and medical journals from coast to coast, and recently finished her first book, which is awaiting publication. To contact Kelly, please email: fuller.kelly@gmail.com

Lost Pets, A Thing of the Past
                            By Kelly McCardy-Fuller

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