First Name : Tom

Last Name : Boles

Your Comments : I'd like to go a little farther in talking about the Sewer Solution device. I've owned one (the same one) forover 14 years now (2010). I've never used thr "std" 3" hose and I can't imagine ever wanting to. The Sewer Solution is simpler, cleaner and easier to use than anything my camping buddies use. The evaluation does not not mention one important feature, that of using common 1" PVC pipe to extend the reach of the 10' hose. I keep 3 or 4 pieces of different lengths in my rear bumper along with some sleeve couplers. Everything just twists together and since there is no pressure, there are never any leaks. In
fairgrounds camping and the oddly designed commercial campground, being able to park my trailer where I want it and run the sewer drain simply and easily the 15-30' to the drain makes the campout that much more pleasant. In short, the Sewer Solution is a fantastic product that
deserves wider use.