Production Evaluation of MobileLock

After I had my camper stolen, I decided that I needed to do something to help prevent my new camper from being stolen and to find the camper in case my theft prevention method didn't work.  Other than using the police force to locate a stolen item, technology now provides individuals with a way of locating stolen property.  That would be with a GPS locating system.

In my search for a solution, I found the DeWalt MobileLock system.  It is referred to as an assisted GPS system because it uses cell phone signals to assist the GPS if the unit is in a trailer or building and doesn't have line of sight to a satellite.  I have had the system about 6 months and have found that it performs as advertised.  The only problem with a system like this is that there may be times when you can't get a good cell signal.  I haven't found this to be a problem.

One of the reasons that I bought this system over other systems is that I like the vibration sensor that it has.  With the system armed, as soon as someone backs into the hitch of the trailer that the system is attached to, the unit is triggered and it will start calling up to three phone numbers and sending emails.  If you are close enough to your storage unit, you might beat the thief to the front gate.

This system has other features that include a temperature sensor, door sensor and low battery sensor.  It will call your phone and send an email if the battery voltage gets too low. 

Submitted by Brad Fuller

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