This Old Campsite
This Old Campsite
The New Great Passion Play

The New Great Passion Play is located in the charming little town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Eureka Springs, AR is nestled in the Ozark Mountains in the northwestern part of the state of Arkansa, not very far south of Branson, Missouri.

For five nights each week, six months out of the year, there is an epic outdoor drama unlike any other.  In a large amphitheater a play that reenacts the life of Jesus Christ is played out.  The set and the characters are made to look as realistic as the time they portray.  Live animals are used to add more realism to the play.  It is a very moving experience and I highly recommend this play for young and old.

There is more than just the amphitheater on the grounds of The New Great Passion Play.  There is the Top of the Mountain Dinner Theater, The Potter's Theater and a Living Bible Tour as well as a wonderful Bible Exhibit where they display Bibles that date back hundreds of years.

The most prominate feather of this area is the "Christ of the Ozarks Statue".  It is one of two mamonth Christ statues in the world and is the largest statue in North America.  The statue is seven stories tall and has presided over the hills of the charming town of Eureka Springs since 1966.  As you walk or drive pass the Amphitheater on your way to the Christ Statue, you will pass a section of the Berlin Wall and the Church in the Grove.

For information about times and tickets, visit their website   or call 1-800-882-7529.

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