More on gas prices

I picked up the paper today to see an article that President Bush was surprised to hear that gasoline prices could reach $4.00 per gallon. I voted for him but he has to hiding under a rock not to think that gas will not go there if the price of oil keeps going up! The […]


Week dollar & gas prices

Well I got up this morning and heard that the dollar is continuing its fall against the Euro and other currencies and the price of oil is continuing to rise. You ask, “what does that have to do with camping”? Well, if you wanted to park the camper for a few weeks and take a […]


First Blog post on camping

My wife and I started RV camping for the first time about six years ago. She was the one who was more interested in the idea at first. It took her awhile to convience me that this might be something that we should do since I was nearing retirement age. However, since we bought our […]