Campground Recommendations & Ratings

Campground recommendations and ratings are a very subjective process. This is something that I have thought about many times since I started my website, This Old Campsite, to provide recommendations on campgrounds that my wife and I have visited. What we think of a campground in terms of quality my not be what someone else […]


Christmas Party @ The Farm Country Club, Medina, TX

The Farm Country RV Park, where we keep our camper for six months out of the year, is adjacent to The Farm Country Club in Medina, Texas. Both places are owned by Homer and Kathy Stevens. Each year, for the last eleven years, Homer and Kathy put on “The Country Christmas Ball”. It is held […]


Thanksgiving in Medina at The Farm Country RV Park

As I mentioned in a previous post, we are back in Medina, Texas at The Farm Country RV Park where we keep our camper 6 months out of the year. This year we decided to have our Thanksgiving dinner here at the RV park. One of our daughters and her family came and stayed with […]