Another electrical event at a campground

Some time ago I wrote an article with the title “How to Protect Your RV From Electricity“. On a recent trip to Onalaska KOA campground, I had a problem with the electrical pedestal at my site that bore out the essence of that article.

We had been at the campground for a couple of days when we suddenly lost our electrical power. I just happened to be outside by the pedestal when I heard the relay on my surge protect click. When I looked at the readout, it showed that there was a low voltage ( 101 volts )on line 2 of the 50 amp plug. My Progressive EMS would not let any power into the RV. I reset the breaker at the pedestal and tried again but the EMS was still sensing a low voltage on line 2 so we had no electricity.

I went to the office and told them about the problem. They sent their electrical worker to my site. He replaced the circuit breaker and check the voltage which showed to be good. We thought we were in good shape but my EMS would not let any electricity into the RV even though it showed both lines with good voltage. There was something going on with the 50 amp circuit. I decided to try the 30 amp plug at the pedestal. My EMS sensed good voltage and allowed electricity into the RV but we were limited to 30 amps and only one air conditioner. Fortunately the temperature wasn’t bad and we were leaving the next morning.

They had to call an electrician out to take a look but we were not there to get the results of his visit. To me this proves that there is great value in having a good surge protector with the ability to check all parameters for good electricity into the RV. Had I not been protected that day, the low voltage could have caused a lot of damage to my TVs, A/Cs and other electrical equipment in the RV. This is the third time I have detected a problem at a electrical pedestal. A good surge protector and electrical management system is not cheap but well worth the cost.


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