Another one bites the dust…a year that is!

Happy New Year Another year has come to an end and another has started. The year 2008 will go down in history as a year we’d like to forget. It was full of bubbles, but not the bubbles we’d like to find in our favorite adult beverage. There was a oil bubble, housing bubble and financial bubble and like all bubbles they burst. That is good and bad. It is good that the price of oil has come down dramatically, and the price of housing is coming down but at the cost of a lot of people loosing their homes because of creative financing. There were some supposedly smart people who cheated people out of their hard eaned money and went to jail. There are probably many others who should go to jail and possibly will.

We are now facing one of the most difficult financial crisis that this country has seen since the Great Depression. We all need to pray to God that he helps us out of this crisis and that our leaders will find a way to get us back on track. No matter how you voted in the election, we need to support our leaders or find a way to get them out of office if they don’t perform.

Hopefully 2009 will be a good year, and a good year for those of us who love the camping lifestyle. The camping show season has started with the 2009 Houston International Boat, Sport & Travel Show. It is at the Reliant Center in Houston, TX. Visit one of the RV shows near you this year and find your first camper or find one that you would like to trade into. Also, visit us at This Old Campsite to find interesting info on the camping lifestyle.

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