Back From Medina

We left Medina, The Farm Country RV Park, today and returned to the massive traffic of Houston, TX. It is always so nice to be out in the Hill Country and not be bothered by all of the traffic mess that you encounter in a very large metropolitan area. Unfortunately we left Medina about an hour later than I had planned for a Friday return, so we encountered the rush hour Friday afternoon exidous from Houston. I have learned that the best way to handle the traffic is to just grin and bear it. Let the idiots who want to go fast or cut in front just have their way and back off. I guess you call that mellowing with age.

Contrast the Houston traffic with that of the Hill Country. We took a drive from Medina out to Lost Maples Stae Natural Area. We might have past 6 vehicles all the way to our destination. On the way back, it felt like rush our. We probably past a couple dozen vehicles. I know, it was a weekday early afternoon, but the traffic out there is never very bad at any time. At the intersection of the Belt Way and Highway 290 today in Houston, I could see more cars than there are in Medina and Bandera at any time.

On another subject, I mentioned in an earlier blog that we had finally decided to take our 15 year old white cat with us on our camping trips. We were very reluctant to do so, but the cost of boarding her for long periods of time was getting out of hand. Not only that, but we were feeling sorry for her being couped up in a cage for weeks at a time. She has really amazed us at how well she has adapted to traveling and being in the camper. She tends to get a little truck sick when we start out, but after she throws up once, she is okay. Actually she didn’t throw up today, but she did do number 2 in her crate. After that we let her out of the crate and she sat on the console between the driver seat and the passenger seat and was very content. We are kicking ourselves for not trying this 4 or 5 years ago, but you would have to know this cat to understand why we didn’t.

This is a picture of Sussie the cat. Go to our website for other pictures of pets that we have there.
Picture of Cat for Cycling


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