Campers shutout by government shutdown

You wouldn’t think that the government shutdown would affect the camping industry, but it has. I had not thought about it until I saw an article about a campground being closed because of the government shutdown. So I got on the internet and searched for campgrounds affected by the shutdown. As usual when you search on Google you get a multitude of results and many of them were of campground closures.

Most the closures are of the National Parks and the Corps of Engineers campgrounds. However, this is a large number of campgrounds since there are a large number of National Parks and Corps of Engineer campgrounds. Most all of the parks have camping facilities for tent campers and RVers. This presents a large problem for those who were in the parks and told they had to leave by today. It also presents a problem for those who had reservations and will not be allowed to keep those reservations.

The most extreme case of inconvenience that I saw was of a group that had planned a 20 day rafting trip down the Colorado River. It had taken this guy 18 years to get a permit for the trip. Now they are at the launch point at Lee’s Ferry and told they can’t go. Check this link for his story.

There are a lot of people who are out of work because of this stupid shutdown. Our leaderless government needs to think of the people and not of themselves and their private agendas. Get this thing figured out now, and get people back to work!



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