Class 3 rapids on the Salmon River

Our last full day in McCall started out with moderate rain. The plan of the day was to go to Riggins and do a 3 1/2 hour raft trip down the Salmon River. The forcast was for the rain to be letting up and the folks in Riggins told us that they raft rain or shine, unless there are thunderstorms. By the time we left McCall for Riggins, the sun was beginning to shine and it looked like we were going to have a beautiful day.

My wife has a yellow streak running down her back and she doesn’t deny it. Eventhough she wanted to go on the raft trip, she was a nervous wreck thinking about it and lost sleep the night before. As we left McCall, she said “why did I agree to do this?” I had to remind her that it was her original idea in the first place. The trip to Riggins is just over an hour and is a pretty drive except for the last few miles as you come out of the trees into some fairly barren looking hills. Riggins is a small town on the Salmon River and its main source of income is white water rafting.

We checked in and paid our money for the trip and met our guide. It was a very short ride to the launch point. There we were all fitted with life vests and given the safety briefing. When the guide started talking about what to do if we fell off the raft and what to expect if the raft flipped over, I thought my wife was going to pass out. I also thought that she was going to back out at that point, but the guide assured her that it is a fairly rare occassion that the raft flips. With that we and another couple boarded the raft and pushed off for a new adventure.

There were seven rapids that we had to go through and four of them were classified 3 and maybe a little more since all of the rain had brought the river up and it was moving faster than the day before. After the first couple of rapids, we all felt better as we knew more of what to expect. It turned out to be a spectacular trip and the wife said that she would do it again, maybe. Our two grandsons that we had with us were besides themselves with excitement. They said that it was the best thing that they had ever done. I think that I can second that!

The following day we had to leave McCall to make our appointment to have the airconditioner fixed. We would like to have had more time there but things don’t always work out the way we want them to.

Picture on raft

Picture on rapids

Picture on raft

Picture on raft


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