Confession is good for the soul

Someone said that confession is good for the soul. I don’t know who said that, but perhaps it is true.

A few days ago I was browsing through some of the posts on when I ran across a post by a gentleman who had just suffered through his first ding of his rig. He had been RVing since 1985 and never had an incident. That post brought out a lot of confessions from a lot of other RVers about the incidents that they have had over their camping years. It is interesting how when you have a problem you think that you are alone in your misery but if you talk about it you find that you are not alone.

I will confess that I have had my fair share, and then some, of incidents while pulling my 5th wheel. I wrote an article an put it on the website. The article is about how you need to pay attention or pay the price later for lack of attention.  Accidents have and will happen when we drop our guard.  Pulling or driving these RVs around is a little more difficult that just driving your car to the store.

The gentleman who posted his incident on has been camping for a long time without a problem.  It didn’t take me long to have my first problem and to witness someone else having a problem.  On our very first camping trip, I watched as a guy driving a Class A motor home turned too sharply in the campground and took out a post.  It was only a few years later that I pulled under a canopy at a gas station and almost took the front air conditioner off the RV.  Another time I didn’t pay attention as I was leaving my storage lot and turned too soon and hit a post with the rear of the trailer.  I had to pay not only for my own repairs but for the repair to the keypad post at the storage lot.

There was yet another time when I didn’t listen to my wife.  You should always listen to what your wife has to say, unless you don’t want to.  I was pulling out of a tight spot at a gas station when the wife said that I wouldn’t fit between the post and the car to the right.  Of course I can fit!  Well almost.  I clipped the post with the back of the trailer as I made my turn to the right.  Had I not started my turn as soon as I did, it would have fit.  Not much damage, other than my pride.

Maybe that’s too much of a confession.  Seems that I have had more incidents than most.  Or have I?  The folks on only confessed to one incident each.  I wonder if they have had more than one over the years?  Perhaps I should go over to and confess to all of my incidents and see what comes out of the woodwork.  Go read my article and watch the video at the end.  It will make you pay more attention to what you are doing while driving down the open road in your home on wheels.





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