Grand Tetons and Yellowstone again

Our trip this year was not supposed to include the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, but the problem that we are having with one of our air conditioners has prevented us from going straight to McCall, Idaho. The only place that we were able to find that could work on our problem is here close to Idaho Falls. Rather than have to back track, we decided to go to the Grand Teton RV Park in Moran, WY and then come to Idaho Falls, have the camper fixed and then proceed to McCall.

The day after we arrived at the Tetons, we had plans to go into the Grand Teton Park but needed to go into Jackson to do some grocery shopping that morning. Jackson is about 36 miles from our park so it is not just a quick trip to the corner store. My wife told me to bring the camera in case we saw something interesting to take a picture of and she also wanted to take some pictures in town. We had gone about 12 miles when we noticed cars pulled off the road. That usely means there is a sighting of an animal. Sure enough there were a group of buffalo on the side of the road. We stopped so the wife could get out and take some pictures. “Brad, the camera want work”, she said. Thinking that she had done something wrong, I took the camera and tried to take a picture. The message on the camera, Nikon D60 single lens reflex, was ‘no memory card available’. The memory card was in the camper where I had been viewing some pictures. My wife was not happy to say the least. We turned around and went back for the memory card, a 24 mile detour.

Our grocery shopping trip, visit to the visitor center in Jackson and detour for the memory card, put us much later than we liked. Oh well, as they say, “ happens”. We only had a small amount of time that afternoon to go into the Teton Park. Our grandson had never been in this area, so we drove around a little and went up on Signal Mountain to get a good view of the area. The last time we went up Signal Mountain, we saw a black bear. My wife commented that it would be nice if we could see another bear for the benifit of our grandson. We had just turned onto the road that goes up the mountain and there on the roadside was a black bear. Who would have thunk it! By the time we came down from Signal Mountain, it was late so we called it a day and went back to the camper.

Entry sign at Grand Teton National Park

Black Bear at Signal Mountain

The following day we went into Yellowstone Park so the grandson could see Old Faithful and some of the other geysers in the area. Unbeknown to us, there was road work taking place in the park. It took use about 3 1/2 hours to make a trip that usually takes a little over and hour. The speed limit for most of the trip was 25 miles per on dirt roads. This was scheduled road work for the 2009 season. We will be returning next year with our daughter and other grandchildren, so hopefully the road work will be completed.

We arrived in the park before the crowds got to large and at about the time Old Faithful was going to do it’s thing. The wife and kids had to do the usual shopping and then we did the walking trip around the geyser field. Unfortunately, since we knew we would have a long trip back through the road construction, we were not able to do any other driving around Yellowstone. We will save that for next year.

Grant and Bradley in front of Old Faithful

Blue lagoon at Yellowstone


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