I guess I’ll take the hitch out of the truck….

DSC_2138We are still waiting for the repairs to be completed on our camper. Meanwhile, I have had the fifth wheel hitch in the back of the truck for several months now, so I guess I need to take it out to give me some hauling room. Looks like it will be awhile before the camper is ready and I need to do some light hauling with the truck. When the hitch is in the bed of the truck, it takes up most of the space and limits what I can put there.

The hitch that I have is the SuperGlide by Pullrite. It is a great hitch for short bed trucks because it automatically moves back when hauling the camper and any turn is made, whether going forward or backing up. It prevents the camper from hitting the back of the truck when sharp turns are made. Also, when the hitch comes out, the bed of the truck is clean without any mounting rails remaining. This gives full use of the bed of the truck.

DSC_2141The entire hitch is heavy at around 200 pounds. That would be a lot for me to get out of the truck by myself, but because it comes apart it is fairly easy to take it out and put it back in. When the main body of the hitch is sitting on the rails, it is a very tight fit so I need some help in extracting it. DSC_2142Fortunately I have exposed beams in my garage. I put a steal bar accross two of the beams and use a come along to lift the main body of the hitch free of the rails. When I reinstall the hitch, I use the same proceedure and guide the main body onto the rails. When I have the main body of the hitch out of the truck, I put it on a rolling bench that I made and store it in the corner of the garage.

DSC_2143As I said, the hitch comes apart for easy removal from the truck. The head comes off of the main body. It is held on by two locking pins. The main body of the hitch sits on two rails that sit on four pins that are inserted into the truck. Those four pins are removed from the truck after the rails are taken out. Once all of this is removed, you have a clean truck bed. Really slick!

DSC_2144Mounting rails and mounting pins removed from truck.



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