Looking for a campground

We will be going out to Medina, TX this week to stay at “The Farm Country RV Park” where our camper is currently parked.  We have had it there for the last six months using it as a place to go in the Texas Hill Country.  We will be bringing the camper home but will stop in San Antonio, TX at the “Blazing Star RV Resort” for a few days.  Another couple will be meeting us there with their camper.  Once we get the camper home we will start planning our summer travel.

 We will take our annual trip to the Frio River in Concan, TX  and stay at “Park View Riverside RV Park” across the river from Garner State Park.  Our grandchildren love to go there every year over the Memorial Day weekend, usually spending a full week.  Looking beyond that, we will be heading out west again to the mountains for the summer.  We will go to Estes Park, CO again for a few weeks since that is probably the most enjoyable place we stay.  Hopefully someone will put up a recommendation for another rv park where we have never been.

Our web site at This Old Campsite is a place where campers can send recommendations of campgrounds where they have stayed.  We have found over the years that if we just pick a campground we are not always happy with the place.  There are a lot of campgrounds that have the word “resort” in their name and it shouldn’t be there.  We have looked at pictures on web sites that don’t  give the correct impression of the campground.  The angle of which pictures are taken can make something look good although it isn’t.  The campgrounds where we have had the best luck  are the ones that other campers have recommended to us.  If you are reading this and you are so inclined, take some time and send us information on campgrounds where you have had a good experience.  Also, send pictures of your trip.  The pictures can be of the campground, your camper, you and your family, your pet or just good scenery. 

I have chosen the email method of sending information and attaching pictures.  This gives me more control over someone posting directly on the web site something that I might not want there.  We’d love to here from you.



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