Oil prices continue to rise…..Why?

Last week was a record for the price of oil, soaring to over $126.00 per barrel. The price of oil has risen 27% since the beginning of this year and 98% in the last 12 months. I question whether the demand for oil on a daily basis has gone up enough to warrant a rise of 98% or is it that the spectulators in the futures markets are driving the price and lining their pockets with our money? We, the public consumers, are at the mercy of people who are ripping us off! Who are these people? Are they the oil companies, the Arabs, the enviormentalist, the government, the speculators or maybe all the above.

You might wonder who the heck is in control. Where have all the smart people gone? The intelligent people who are in control of the housing market don’t appear to be too smart anymore. The intelligent people who are in charge of our lending institutions allow people to buy homes who can’t afford to buy, and now look what has happened. We found out that they really couldn’t afford to buy that house to start with but were allowed to by the intelligent people. Foreclousers are running rampant, yet the intelligent people running the financial institutions are going home with millions in their pockets, while the underlings are being layed off and going home without a paycheck. Where is the justice in it???

What does this have to do with campers? Well, diesel at $4.20 or more and rising will make taking a trip in the ole camper a lot more expensive. At what price will it take to prevent the camping industry from growing? I have talked to a couple of people who have sold their campers because of the cost of fuel. However, I still see a lot of campers on the highway and I will continue to be there as long as I can afford to do it since I truly love to go camping.

Maybe we as campers should steal a page from the truckers and form a convoy of campers going down the highway at 50 mph blocking traffic and drawing the attention of the government. Could be though that we would not have the same clout as truckers? Or maybe we could do what Jay Weinberg did in northwest Indiana. He grabed a megaphone and perched on top of a gas station and sang his song “Price Gouge’n” until he drew a croud. He made his point but it also got him arrested. He has been strumming his ditty on Chicago radio stations and the story has been picked up around the country. If you care to hear his little song, you can go to You Tube and have a listen. The song can also be found at Gasoline Song.

There are a couple of web sites that I have found that are supposed to help you find the lowest gas prices in your area. The only problem that I have with that is that gas prices have become a moving target. Consider the fact that the station where I usually get my diesel raised their prices 19 cents overnight last week. Anyway you can check out Gas Buddy and Gas Price Watch and see if it helps find cheaper gas.

Other than that, Campers, keep on camping! Tomorrow will be a better day.


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