People love their Pets

When I was growing up my family had a pet or two along the way, but I can’t ever remember having a pet last more than a year or two around the house. It seems like they either got run over by a car or just ran away. Since I’ve been married (41 years), we have had a number of pets that have lasted a long time. Our last cat lived for 18 years and the current cat is in her 15th year. Our last dog made it for about 16 years.

We currently have a Border Collie who will be turning 4 years this month. Now we have a granddog that belongs to my daughter. It is a 6 week old Golden Retriever. We have 10 grandchildren and an eleventh on the way. I never thought I’d admit to having a granddog but then the way I feel about pets has changed over the years. I have mellowed with the years and truly love the dog that we have. I developed an instant attachment to my granddog.

As with us human beings, medical advances have enabled our pets to live long and healthy lives. We have ways of keeping track of our pets when they become lost by using microchipping, or even GPS tracking systems. Pet insurance is available to help cover the cost of medical expenses which can be very substantial for serious conditions. I have friends who have spent thousands of dollars to treat their pets because they love them. I’ve even spent several thousands of dollars on a white cat that I didn’t want and it has never had a serious illness. We travel in our camper and don’t take the cat because she is not a good traveler. We think she was abused when she was first born and before she showed up in our yard. She has not been a very friendly cat over the years, but she too has mellowed with age. After Christmas we are going to take the first stab at taking her with us in the camper. It will be interesting to she how she and the dog make out in close quarters.

I could write a book on what is available for pets these days, but I mainly wanted to show you our granddog, Gunner. If you have a pet that you would like to show off, go to This Old Campsite, look at the pictures and then email me your pictures and they will be published on the website.

Pictures of dog


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