Return to Medina with the Cat

There are two things involved with this Blog. One is the problem we had with our camper and the other is bringing our cat that is 15 years old to the camper for the first time.

The first item is with the camper. Just before we left Medina around the 1st of December, the dump valve for the black tank broke when I tried to push the dump handle back in to close the valve. We were going to stay a couple of more days, so the good news is that the valve was now in the open position. At least we wouldn’t have to take the camper to a repair facility with waste in the tank. The bad news is it would be a little difficult to keep the waste moving through the tank and not packing inside the tank. With a little effort I was able to keep things moving. Now my problem was I have a broken camper that I need to take to a repair facility but I didn’t have the hitch in the truck. It was home in The Woodlands. Since we park the camper here at The Farm County RV Park for six months, I always take the hitch out so that I can have more room in the bed of the truck. Without going into the reasoning for doing so, I had to drive home and get the hitch so that I could take the camper home for repair. That made for a long day!

I could have taken the camper to Kerrville for repair, but I use Russell RV in Conroe, Texas for my repair. I am comfortable with them and as it turns out my extended warrenty covered the repair. Russell RV also found another problem that was developing and fixed it. They were able to complete the repair so that I could have the camper the day before Christmas and would have it for our return trip after Christmas.

Now to the cat. We have a 15 year old pure white cat that has never been in the camper. We got her as a stray when she showed up at the house. She has always been a little different and not necessarily a friendly cat. She has a very loud obnoxious neow. She was about 10 years old when we got the camper so we have never brought her with us. Over the years she has cost us a small fortune due to having her boarded when we travel, which is a lot. Determined not to keep paying those boarding fees, we bit the bullet and brought her along with the dog. Maybe it is her age or maybe she is afraid to make us mad, but she has really been a joy to have in the camper. She has been better in the camper than she is at home. She is still adjusting to the camper but at least she is being quite about it.

So we get to Medina last night around 8 pm, level the camper and plug in the water. I went to the comode to run water and get the air out of the lines. When I pushed on the dump lever, I heard a pop and the water almost quit flowing. Talk about bad luck! Only a small amount was coming out, not enough to adequately flush the comode. Not knowing anthing about how the comode works I figured I needed to call on an expert. I called on Winston RV Service. Winston has an onsite RV repair service so he came out and fixed my problem. I watched the repair and saw how simple the comode is so I can fix it myself next time. I have found that if you can’t do at least some repair on your camper, you will be calling on a repairman more than you would like.

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Sussie the cat and Missy the dog.
Sussie the Cat Missy the dog

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