Return to Medina

We have finally made it back to Medina with our camper. We will leave the camper here for 5 months and go back and forth from our home north of Houston and our camper here in Medina. This is a great campground and we love being here so that we can enjoy the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

Bighorn camper in Medina

The campground, The Farm Country RV Park, is full of “Snowbirds” from the northern regions of our country and many nice folks who live here on a fulltime basis. The word snowbird conjures up in my mind the image of a great white bird that lives in the north and flies south for the winter. Of course, those of us in the camping world know that a snowbird is someone who drives south in the winter to get away from the harsh winters of their native region. So just like the Canadian Geese, the snowbirds migrate south for the winter. The difference is that the Canadian Geese ride the highways of air while the snowbirds ride the concrete highways of teriferma to make their way south. Each finds their new home for the winter and return home during the summer.


Picture of Snowbird Camper

Small doe outside our camper.
Deer outside camper

Lost Maples State Natural Area where the Maple trees at close to full color. Lost Maples is close to Medina.
Lost Maples State Natural Area

Another Picture at Lost Maples State Natural area.
Picture at Lost Maples State Natural Area


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