Still waiting for the camper!

This past July we took delivery of a new camper made by Heartland RV. The model we have is the Bighorn 3600RL with a wrap around island in the kitchen area. For the most part we like the camper because we got the features that were most important to us. However, we have been having issues with the camper since the first trip that we took. We had to have the camper worked on during that first trip and then had to take it back to the dealer when we returned home. After getting the camper back, we took another fairly long trip and had some additional problems. Nothing had to be worked on while we were gone but we had to take it back to the dealer when we returned home. After having most of the items taken care of, we picked the camper up and went to Medina, Texas where we usually keep it for six months. We knew that we would have to bring the camper home, rather than leave it in Medina, in order to have the work completed that the dealer was not able to finish before we left. I guess I should cancell my storage unit since the camper is in for service all of the time. We have had the camper in storage less than a week since we bought it.

The plan was to have all of the work completed just before Thanksgiving so that we could pick the camper up a few days after Thanksgiving and go back to Medina and leave the camper at The Farm Country RV Park until the end of March. One of the issues that we had with the camper was that I had noticed some water leaking from under the camper at the drain tube for the fresh water tank. I noticed this on our last trip which took us up to Maryland. The water leaked for only one day and did not leak again so I really didn’t think there would be a problem. Two days before Thanksgiving, the dealer called and said that they had inspected the fresh water tank and there was a crack in the tank. Estimated time for the repair of the tank is 2 to 4 weeks depending on the availability of a new fresh water tank. So here we sit waiting for more repairs to be made to our brand new camper!

Tomorrow I will be on the phone to Heartland RV to make a demand that they expidite the delivery of the new fresh water tank. I don’t know if a call will do the trick, but I have had good luck with the customer service at Heartland. They have been very helpful but if they practiced better quality control, we would not be in this situation. The RV industry has a long way to go to catch up with the auto industry in terms of quality control. Maybe when all of the issues with our camper are complete, we will not have any more trouble for a long time?

This is where we should be!
Camper in Medina



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