Sure I can get through there….or I hate it when I’m wrong!

We left McCall, Idaho wishing that we had a few more days to explore the area. However, we had an apointment in Idaho Falls to have the airconditioner fixed so we had to leave. We enjoyed our short stay in McCall and hope to go back again. If the two grandsons have their way, we will be back next year. They had a wonderful experience with the white water rafting down in Riggins and will talk about it for a long time.

Anyway, we left McCall early in the morning since we had about an 8 hour drive ahead of us. The trip down from McCall to Boise is kinda slow because the road is narrow and winding. It follows the Peyette River down to Boise. The river is beautiful and has some class 5 rapids but we didn’t see too many rafts attemping the rapids. As we got closer to Boise, we noticed that there were some brave soles preparing to launch into the river. White water rafting is a very popular sport in that area. Many people have their own personal rafts that they use as time permits.

The trip back to Idaho Falls used the same route as the route up to McCall. On our way out to McCall we stopped at a station on the south side of the intersate. There were a set of pumps for the big trucks and then a set of pumps for campers and cars. When we stopped the first time, I went to the big truck pumps since there is more room there. The problem is that area isn’t set up for standard credit card use. After checking inside I decided to use the regular pumps. However, the closest side was clogged with cars and the other side was being pressure washed. I had to get them to stop the pressure wash so I could get to the pumps. When I was finished, my traffic avoidance wife had to get out and clear me for backing out of the pumps since the pressure washer was in front of me.

On our return trip, it just worked out that I was in need of fuel when we got to the same station. This time I went straight for the regular pumps. However, once again the side I wanted was clogged with cars so I went to the same pump lane as before. Mr. pressure washer wasn’t there so it looked like I could pull straight ahead when I was ready. My wife looked ahead and said that she didn’t think I could get out that way. Well, to me it looked like I could, but the problem was someone had parked a car that stuck out a little into the drive area. There was also a large billboard post that made the area squeeze down. Still, it looked to me that I could make it. As I pulled forward, I was favoring the left side and the wife was outside looking. About the same time that she started hollering that I was going to hit the post by the pump, I noticed it myself and stopped. I had her check the car on the right side and she said there was room to pull that way. As I turned more to the right the trailer pulled away from the pump post and I could see that it would clear. I was satisfied and told the wife to get into the truck. I still had a few feet before the back of the trailer would be totally clear of the white post. As I moved forward, for some reason, only known by ‘The Shadow’, I truned the wheel to the left and felt a bump. I thought I had just hit a rut and went on my mary way.

The next morning as I was unplugging the power cord from the camper, I noticed this large scratch on the right left corner of the trailer. In my mind, I heard this bump again and knew what had happened. I started formulating my story about how someone must have hit us, but like George Washington, I just couldn’t tell a lie. I hated to show it to her, but knew that I might as well get it over with. When she saw the scratch, she just looked at me and went inside. The rest of the day was a little tense and nothing was said about the post and scratch.

My wife is much more conservative than I, and takes a more cautious approach to a situation than myself. After 42 years of marriage, I need to learn to pay more attention to her. Maybe sometime in the next 42 I will. I still like to live on the edge!

After having the A/C fixed, we left Idaho Falls and spent the night in Rocksprings, WY before making it here to Estes Park. We are staying at the Elk Meadows Lodge and RV Park. We have been here about a week and I have been having computer problems. I had to get a new wireless card so that I could get adequate internet. It still isn’t as good as I would like, but I think it is this old laptop that I am using. I think I am due for a new computer when this trip is complete.

Unfortunate trailer ding in new camper.
Scratch in new camper

Coleman RoadTrip LXE Grill


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