Summer trip of 2013

I have not been keeping up my blog like a good blogger should. We started our annual summer trip last month and I have not said anything about it until now. I’d like to dream up a plausible excuse for being remiss in my blogging, but I just can’t find one. With that confession […]


Glacier Basin Campground and Dry Camping

A few days ago we were hiking around Spruce Lake in the Rocky Mountain National Park and decided to take the trail from there down to the Glacier Basin Campground which is about a mile away. Last year the Glacier Basin Campground was closed because the park service was cutting down a lot of trees […]


Deer Mountain

On the first trip that we made to Estes Park, Colorado my wife, my grandson and I wanted to take our first hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. We had never been here before so we weren’t familiar with any of the trails in the park. We obtained a hiking map on our way […]