What is Glamping?

Bell Tent

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Maybe you know what Glamping is, and I do now, but as of a few days ago I can’t say that I knew what Glamping is. I had heard the term used on several occasions but didn’t bother to ask exactly what the word referred to. It wasn’t until […]


George M Sutton RV Announces Completion of New Administration Building

I received this information as a press release in regards to the fire at Sutton RV in Eugene, OR.

EUGENE, OREGON | April 23, 2013 — In the early morning hours of August 14, 2012, George M. Sutton III and his wife and business partner Martha Sutton watched helplessly as the administrative offices of […]


Another shackle problem

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about a problem that we had with a shackle on the suspension of our 5th wheel while we were on a trip out west. Before the shackle broke, I had never given a thought to the fact that it might break or wear out. It is […]